From the Transitional Conference Minister

Grace to you and peace! Epiphany is the season in which we celebrate Jesus as the light to the world. We also celebrate the many ways in which God is active and continues to bring light in the midst of our dark days.  Sometimes it is a challenge to see the light of love and hope amid the violence, uncertainty, and brokenness of our world. However, as Christians – both as individuals and congregations – we are called to be those who seek to discover the glimpses of the present light of Christ. We are called to help others see the light by lifting up where we see hope and love, and the little changes that are making a difference.  But we are also called to allow God’s light to be seen and reflected through who we are and what we do.

Therefore, the season of Epiphany moves us well into a new calendar year.  What commitments might we make for the coming year that will help us to see, lift up, and reflect the light and love of God in our communities and the world? The past may have informed who we are, but the present is here and our hopes for the future are yet to be articulated and realized.

As I begin to serve as your Transitional Conference Minister, one of my first goals is to learn how each of you are those “lights” within the world. As a Conference, we are diverse in geography, setting, historical foundations, size, focus of mission, etc. But each of you – clergy, church leaders, and congregations – is vital to the mission of living the gospel in all of its aspects: from the small acts of kindness to the fight for social justice.

My initial focus will be spent making connections with clergy, congregations, and Conference committees.  I will benefit from your assistance: if there is a gathering of clergy, please let me know; if there is a special occasion in your congregation, please let me know.  Feel free to contact me via phone (404-615-2492) or email ([email protected]). It is together that we will be strengthened and able to be most effective as we seek to live as faithful followers of Christ and discern how we might support one another in being part of God’s mission in our midst. I am excited to discover with you God’s call for the Southeast Conference!

May the year ahead bring blessings and hope for each of you!
Char Burch