2018 Annual Reports Due for UCC Yearbook and Directory

It’s time again for reporting of Yearbook statistics for the past year. The UCC Data Hub is open and ready for your submission. Churches are responsible for inputting their information into the Data Hub. The deadline for entering data is February 28, 2019.

To log into the Data Hub, you will need to know your church ID number. Please contact Rev. Heather Fosburgh at [email protected] if you do not know your Church ID Number. If you do not feel comfortable entering your own information, use this form which you can print and send to the Conference Office instead. Please be sure to fill out the supplementary questions as well. Only churches which fill out both forms (or enter their information in the Data Hub and fill out the survey) will be submitted for the prize drawing. There are 32 prices that will be given out from the National setting.

For more details about how to enter your information please visit the Yearbook Reporting page on our website.