PATHWAYS Announces Changes in Organizational Leadership

PATHWAYS Theological Education, Inc. (formerly a part of the Southeast Conference, now an independent organization) has announced changes in their organizational leadership and membership on the Board of Directors.

Beginning October 1, 2018, Rochelle Lofstrand will assume the position of Acting Director of the online educational institute. Ms. Lofstrand, who completed theological studies through PATHWAYS, holds a master of education as well as additional degree-work in educational leadership and administration. While working as a public school principal she was recognized as an “Aspiring Leader” and has published in an academic journal on curriculum development for LGBT students. Rochelle has worked with a number of non-profit organizations and has experience in community leadership. She will bring energy and educational leadership to PATHWAYS as program offerings continue to develop. While welcoming Rochelle, it is also acknowledged that the Rev. Valerie Coe Lowder will continue to work with PATHWAYS in an administrative role.

In October, three individuals will join the PATHWAYS Board of Directors:

  • Mike Clausen, the founder of the Spiritual Transformation Project which works at the intersection of spirituality and social change;
  • Mike Suzo, who prior to retirement served as Vice President for Enrollment Management at Defiance College;
  • Heather Allman, a certified financial planner for a major corporation.

Completing their time of service on the PATHWAYS Board of Directors are the Rev. Aqueelah Salome As-Salaam, who most recently served as Treasurer; Minister Regina Drake, who has worked with PATHWAYS since its inception; the Rev. Trish Greeves, who will continue to teach for PATHWAYS; the Rev. Ashley Cleere, who was instrumental in expanding coursework in theology; and the Rev. Lou Kavar, who has worked with PATHWAYS for seven years and will retire from active ministry at the completion of his term with PATHWAYS. Special thanks to all of these members of the Board of Directors who supported the transition of the organization to become an online education institute grounded in principles of Progressive Christian theology.

For more information about PATHWAYS Theological Education, visit or email [email protected].