Thousands Rally Across the Southeast for Immigrant Rights

Across the Southeast, thousands of people took to the streets on Saturday, June 30 demanding change and that children separated from their families be reunited at once. “Families Belong Together” rallies were held in cities large and small, from Atlanta, Nashville, and Birmingham to Charleston SC, Greenville SC, Cookeville TN, and Mobile AL. As indicated by the photos below, many of our UCC congregations were well represented at these events.

As Conference Minister Marie Bacchiocchi writes, “If you are like me, the images and sounds on television breaks your heart. I know that immigration policies are complex and never perfect, but it is hard not to see these images and hear the children crying and not have your heart break.

“As a granddaughter of four Italian immigrants, I have watched in horror as our country goes back on its word to be a beacon of hope for new beginnings in this world. As a Christian, I am appalled at how Christianity is being warped to defend the enacting of a policy to the letter of the law while ignoring Jesus’ call to love your neighbor as yourself.

“We can disagree on politics. But I believe that these actions are a slippery slope. I encourage you to do something. Write or call your congress people, sign a petition, send money or supplies to a group that is helping the parents and the children, be part of a protest. Put your faith into action. That is how we as people of faith respond when the world is swirling out of control. This is a time when I believe that our faith demands that our voices be heard.”