Women Investing Today – Seeking Justice in Our Financial Lives

At a time when women are increasingly making their voices heard in arenas across the American spectrum, many clergywomen and women that sit on investment committees are seeking opportunities to use their church endowments to positively impact society. Can your church realize a competitive return and pursue active social engagement? The answer is yes.

The Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization and United Church Funds (UCF) invite you to join them in exploring this timely subject in a webinar. What they will cover:

  • The importance of socially responsible investing (SRI)
  • How UCF enables churches to align and integrate their faith and values while growing their endowment

JOIN THEM ON MAY 22, 2018 AT 3:00 PM EST



Kathryn McCloskey – Director, Social Responsibility @ United Church Funds
Katie joined the team in 2007 and oversees the social responsibility program of UCF. With extensive experience in the not-for-profit and humanitarian fields, she holds a BA in Women’s Studies and Literature from the University of Virginia. Katie previously worked at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research and the Corporate Executive Board.

Stacey Pettice – Executive, Business Development @ United Church Funds
Stacey joined UCF in 2016 as a Business Development Executive. She brings extensive knowledge and experience in the Financial Services & Investment industry. Stacey graduated Magna Cum Laude from Hampton University where she received a BS in Finance. Upon graduation, she joined Goldman Sachs & Co. as an Options and Derivatives Analyst.

About United Church Funds

United Church Funds is a full-service investment manager with over $825 million in assets under management. For more than 100 years, UCF has been supporting the missions of United Church of Christ churches, ministries, and faith-based organizations.

About Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization Team

The Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization Team of the United Church of Christ endeavors to support authorized ministers throughout their arc of ministry. MESA works closely with Conferences, Associations and Committees on Ministry to provide assistance and best practices related to ministry in the UCC. In 2014 MESA helped to launch the Antoinette Brown Society which strives for the day when UCC clergywomen’s innovative leadership is the norm, not the exception.