Birmingham UCC Pastor Officiates Wedding of Former Miss America

Photo courtesy People Magazine and Kelli & Daniel Taylor Photography

The pastor of Beloved Community Church in Birmingham, Jennifer Sanders, is making headlines as she officiated at the wedding of Former Miss Alabama 2004 and Miss America 2005 Deidre Downs Gunn.

Downs Gunn married her girlfriend, attorney Abbott Jones, in a ceremony Saturday, April 14, at the Birmingham Museum of Art. Downs Gunn’s eight-year-old son served as his mother’s best man and also walked her down the aisle for the special day.

Rev. Sanders says, “I do a range of weddings – some big, some small, some same-sex, some opposite-sex, some Christian, some interfaith or no-faith, some in traditional settings, some in creative places. People who want me to perform their wedding ceremonies find me in a variety of ways. Fact is that’s always a joy to celebrate love.”

She continues, “the one I did this weekend has gotten some notable press, but that simply underscores the fact that love is love. Love doesn’t even actually require a wedding ceremony — but when people want that covenant, let us rejoice in their love for each other and for the world. That’s all there is to it, as far as I’m concerned.”

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