Faith Over Firearms: the Southeast Conference Marches for Our Lives

The Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ had a significant presence at some of the 800 “March for Our Lives” rallies held across the country on March 24, 2018.

Folks from many of our local churches participated in rallies in Washington DC, Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Pleasant Hill TN, and Cookeville TN.

Here are some photos from the various marches.

Washington, DC

Rev. Glenna Shepherd from Pleasant Hill Community Church traveled to DC with Mark Canfield, Teri Kelly, and Denise Acquista.

Birmingham, AL

The four UCC congregations in Birmingham (Pilgrim UCC, First Congregational UCC, Covenant Community Church, and Beloved Community UCC) were present for the March For Our Lives Birmingham event.

Atlanta, GA

Central Congregational UCC and Kirkwood UCC participated in the Atlanta march.

Nashville, TN

Members of Brookmeade Congregational UCC marched and rallied in Nashville.

Cookeville, TN

The March wasn’t limited to the big cities. Cookeville, TN (population 35,000) had a rally which included folks from the United Church of Cookeville.

Pleasant Hill, TN

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, that didn’t stop Pleasant Hill Community Church from holding an indoor rally!