Learn More About Generosity. Invite Carrole to Visit!

Gifts to Basic Support of Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM) benefit the full range of the United Church of Christ mission across the country and around the globe.

  • Because of our belief in a continuing testament, we are attentive to God’s creative movement in the world.
  • We prepare leaders who are open to and prepared for ministry in the present and future church.
  • We train leaders who grow spiritually, who build up the church, and put their faith into action.
  • We arrive early on issues of social justice, as evidenced by courageous “firsts” for racial justice, equality and inclusion.
  • We change lives through our global partnerships, missionaries and advocacy.

Thank you for your partnership. Together we are changing lives.

Please allow me to help you to help your church. Invite me to speak to your church regarding ways to contribute to this effort. Should you have questions, contact me at [email protected].

Blessings, as we journey..together…
Carrole Moss