A Year of Discernment

During this year of 2018, we will begin the interim work for the Southeast Conference in earnest. The Board of Directors approved that this year will be a Year of Discernment for the entire conference. This is our way to seek God’s Spirit into the process as we ask hard questions about the direction of the conference. This conference is a wonderful place, full of faithful and inspiring people and congregations, and yet, how we have always done things is just not working anymore. It is my hope that as we all think, pray, and dream about the conference, we will find the path that God has set for us.

There will be many opportunities for all of you to participate in this discernment process. There will be four regional meetings this spring. There will be online surveys and paper surveys. The Annual Meeting will focus on this. For this discernment process to work, we need everyone to participate in little and big ways. I am convinced that God has given someone in our conference the idea that will move us forward in new and glorious ways!

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