Important Generosity and Giving Information

Greetings and Blessings,

We made it through Advent and the Christmas season with new expectations and blessings for a better 2018. Thank you for all that you have done personally and for all the congregational support that had been given.

Gentle reminders:

  • We will close our books on January 12, 2018. Please ensure that any 2017 Our Churches Wider Missions (OCWM) pledges are received in the Conference office by that date. If you have already completed your pledge, THANK YOU! If you still need time, please feel free to contact me directly or contact the conference office. (Please note the new address for the SECUCC is: P. O. Box 1950, Decatur, GA 30031-1950.)
  • If you received a pledge card for 2018 OCWM giving, please complete and return at your earliest convenience.

Our leadership and our vision continue to be our greatest gifts to this conference and I look forward to working and serving with you.

Special thanks to Debbie Spearman and the entire Conference staff for your support, prayers and guidance during this transition. I’m grateful.

As we go forth in 2018, I solicit your prayers and support, AS WE JOURNEY…

Peace and Blessings,
Carrole Moss
Generosity Coordinator