UCC History and Polity Offering Begins Jan 10, 2018

The Center for Progressive Renewal is offering a spring semester online UCC History, Polity and Theology class beginning on January 10, 2018 and ending April 18, 2018. The class has met the polity requirements of most Committees on Ministry in the UCC. Students may register for the class at http://www.progressiverenewal.org/courses/. The cost is $629.

It is a rigorous, engaging class that is offered asynchronistically so it is convenient for those who are bi-vocational, have full schedules, or odd sleep habits! It is designed to meet the needs of students with different learning styles and varying levels of formal education.  An option of  receiving seminary credit is available to students who work with us to make special arrangements.

The facilitators for the class are fully engaged and available throughout the class to the students. The course has evolved and adapted over the years to the changes in the UCC and the changing needs of those seeking authorization for ministry. This spring we have introduced some significant updates, including new lectures and other resources.

Tim Downs, who will be the lead instructor has been teaching this course for almost 20 years, and online for the last seven years. Rev. Heather Bardole, Associate Conference Minister for the SE Conference will be the lead facilitator for the course. Laura Robinson, an MID in the Pacific Northwest  and a graduate of  Candler School of Theology will be the co-facilitator for the course. Certificates of Completion are issued for all students who successfully complete the requirements for the class. Letters with a grade and summary assessment of the student’s performance in the class for Committees on Ministry are available upon request. Any questions about can be directed to Tim Downs, the lead instructor, at [email protected].