Grant Monies Increase Church’s Visibility via Facebook Ads, Printed Brochures

My name is Ray Speller and I am pastor of Community Congregational United Church of Christ in Montgomery, AL. Our congregation is one that received a Transforming Churches-Transforming Lives grant in April 2016. The infusion of nearly $5,000 into our congregation allowed us to do some work that was so necessary for this season in our life as a growing congregation with a stretched budget and graying core membership; primarily around outreach and publicity, getting the word out about our congregation and the denomination.

The main objective of our project was to increase the visibility of our church’s outreach and benevolence ministries within our city, primarily among college students and young families.

We have been greatly overwhelmed by the success of this endeavor. We were astounded to see how well advertising on Facebook worked. Online advertising was so much more cost-effective. During the week of ads on FB, Montgomery Community was clicked on more than 2,000 times and first time guests noted they were in attendance because of the Facebook presence.

Because of social media advertising, we were able to reach targeted age groups. A wonderful church brochure was created with the Grant monies, which is given to visitors.

Our main project objectives were spectacularly fulfilled.