Fall 2017 PATHWAYS Course Registration Now Open

Do you want to know more about what it means to be a Christian? Are you a leader in your church or do you want to serve more faithfully? Have you always wanted that chance to learn more about the Bible or other aspects of theology? PATHWAYS can help you in all these ways.

PATHWAYS Theological Education offers courses (completely online) for everyone who seeks to deepen their knowledge and who wants to bring their questions about Christianity into a conversation with other learners. PATHWAYS also brings a full curriculum for people who are wanting a practical theological education and who may be answering a call to authorized ministry. As a group, the PATHWAYS Advisory Committee wrote a Progressive Christianity Statement in order to share our theological approach. We have participants from near and far around the UCC and beyond. All are welcome to our 4-week long Explorer Series courses and to our 6-week long Level One foundational courses. Please go to http://www.pathways-ucc.org for more information.

The next classes include:

UCC History & Polity for $600.00 (and $50 Distant Learners Fee*)

(A Level Two PATHWAYS course) (September 13-December 12, 2017)

PATHWAYS offers a unique opportunity for an in-depth exploration to the history and polity of our denomination.  While the course meets the requirements for MID’s and those seeking Privilege of Call, all are welcome to this twelve week experience of life in the UCC. The purpose of this course is to explore the history, polity, theologies, and practices of the United Church of Christ and its predecessor denominations.  Successful completion of this course will fulfill the history and polity requirement for authorized ministry in the UCC in many associations and conferences.  Registration is limited to ten participants, but the course is offered each Fall and Spring.

The Rev. Dr. David McMahill facilitates this course. He is a member of the UCC History and Polity Teachers Network.                

Explorer Series Course: What about the Bible? for just $99.00

Four-Week Course for Personal Exploration (October 4-31, 2017)

Here’s an opportunity to be in conversation with others about how people relate to the Bible. If you want to hone your skills on approaching the Bible from a progressive Christian perspective, this course will help you with that. Through online Bible studies with the other participants, there will be opportunities to share and discern new perspectives on the passages examined.

Our facilitator, The Rev. Dr. Trish Greeves is the author of Prophetic Faith: Preparing Your Church to Advocate Social Justice, an adult study published in 2010 by Logos Productions. She pastored several churches after she was ordained a United Church of Christ pastor in 1989 after many years as a lay leader and teacher at Emmaus United Church of Christ in Vienna, Virginia.

LEVEL ONE COURSE: Critical Interpretation of the Bible  (Tuition $275 – 325*)

Six-Week Courses open to anyone (October 25-December 12, 2017)

Creating a safe space for both thoughtful reflection and spiritual transformation, participants are encouraged to wrestle with their own understanding of the Bible and learn from others. Participants will develop skills in applying critical methods for understanding and applying the Bible in the context of today’s theological and practical concerns.

The Rev. Dr. Ruth Shaver has pastored churches in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. She facilitates this course and is also part of the UCC Regional Theological Education Consortium.

LEVEL ONE COURSE: The Art of Worship (Tuition $275 – 375)

Six-Week Course open to anyone (October 25-December 12, 2017)

Here is a course that gives an overview of worship that highlights but is not limited to the “Sunday morning worship service”.  In readings and online conversations, there will be opportunities to learn and examine the theological, biblical and historical underpinnings of Christian worship. How does worship today relate to human experience, the sacraments, and the arts? Bring your artist side to this course.

Minister Regina Drake (M. Divinity), our facilitator, is a powerful poet-artist. Her perspective is refreshing and holistic. She has been involved in Christian Education for a long time.