“Exploring UCC History, Polity, and Theology” Now Available

Released at General Synod 31 in Baltimore, the Ministerial Excellence, Support & Authorization (MESA) Team of the United Church of Christ has produced a comprehensive and insightful 14-part study about the history, polity and theology of the UCC.

Get to know the United Church of Christ – how we think, work, proclaim, and engage each part of the denomination to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. The Exploring UCC History, Polity, and Theology curriculum is designed to be adaptive for many audiences: confirmation classes and conference boards, adult Sunday Schools and newly-affiliated UCC churches, and more.

Within this resource, you will find learning sessions designed around several different themes. Each learning session includes a facilitator guide, video, resources, and activities to help you explore more fully the unique history, governance structure, and theological commitments of the UCC as well as how the story of this denomination is still unfolding. You are invited through this resource to enter into the story and to make it your own.

Individual lessons and the accompanying videos can be found online at ucc.org/exploring_ucc_polity. The electronic material and videos are free. The entire volume of 14 Exploring UCC History, Polity, and Theology series is available to purchase in hard copy on the UCC Resources Site.

As you watch the videos, watch for a number of folks from the Southeast Conference who have provided content and narration.