Needed: Two Conference Coordinators for “3 Great Loves” Initiative

The Southeast Conference is seeking two volunteers to serve as conference coordinators for the UCC’s “3 Great Loves” initiative. More detail about the roles is below. Please contact Conference Minister Marie Bacchiocchi at [email protected] if you’re interested in serving.

3 Great Loves

The 3 Great Loves initiative is launching at General Synod in summer 2017 and will culminate at the next General Synod in summer 2019. This initiative will lift up the UCC’s historic and current love of neighbor, love of creation and love of children. The National Office will issue a call to action around each of these 3 Great Loves and encourage congregations to share their stories, creating a narrative of the Gospel in action and stirring ourselves and each other towards a clearer vision of a more just world for all.

Role of the Conference Coordinators

We are seeking teams of two people within each conference to inspire collaboration and transformation through the 3 Great Loves initiative. Conference Coordinator teams will have flexibility on how they shape their role, but the goal is to gather and share stories about the collective impact of the UCC’s justice work. As people of faith, it is a critical time for us to make our voices heard. We must continue to testify about how we see God working in the world as we seek to change our lives and the lives of those around us. We must be a people of action.

We are looking for Conference Coordinators who are willing to:

  • Participate in quarterly video conference calls with the other coordinators from your region to discuss the 3 Great Loves initiative is progressing within the denomination
    • Initial Webinar: August 2017
    • Love of Neighbor calls: September 2017 and January 2018
    • Love of Children calls: May 2018 and September 2018
    • Love of Creation Calls: To Be Determined
    • “Thank you” reception at Synod and final call: June/July 2019
  • Organize or participate in each of the three National UCC “calls to ”

There will be three “calls to action” over the course of the next two years—one for each of the 3 Great Loves. We will show Love of Neighbor by doing basic needs drives in fall 2017, Love of Children with a school supply drive in fall 2018 and Love of Creation with walks to raise money for a healthier earth in spring/summer of 2019.

  • Interview one (or more) people about their participation in the 3 Great Loves Initiative after each of the three “calls to action” and complete the online reporting
  • Participate occasionally in the 3 Great Loves Online Community by posting comments or
  • Disseminate an online survey to people within your conference as widely as possible

Role of the UCC National Office

You will not be doing this work alone! The National UCC Office will be here to support and encourage you along the way. Specifically, we will:

  • Set up a webinar to explain the 3 Great Loves Initiative and your particular role in more detail, as well as coordinate the quarterly video conference
  • Provide clear materials with examples and stories to give you a sense of the creative possibilities in being a Conference Coordinator
  • Opportunity to win an iPad and UCC swag
  • Opportunity for building your resume. This extremely part-time role will allow people to further develop or refine project management, interviewing, and community organizing