Statistical Profile of the Southeast Conference, UCC

Thanks to everyone for participating in this year’s significant increase in church yearbook reporting, we received a $500 gift card from the UCC. We also received a custom-created Mini Statistical Profile about our Conference.

In general, the Southeast Conference contains a greater percentage of smaller congregations than the UCC as a whole, with 66.4% of all churches in the Conference having between 1 and 50 members compared with 21.1% of all UCC churches having 1-50 members. On average, the Southeast Conference exceeds the UCC in reaffirmations of faith, transfers in, confessions of faith, and confirmations and experiences fewer transfers out.

The Southeast Conference trails the UCC as a whole in the percentage of churches that give to OCWM Basic Support and the Special Offerings. The strongest area of giving is through Basic Support, with 67.9% of congregations in the Conference participating.

Over the last decade, the churches in the Southeast Conference increased their missional support in all areas except Conference Basic Support, which decreased by 26.3%. Other Gifts increased by 37.4%; Special Support increased by 12.7%; and National Basic Support increased by 96.3%, (nearly double).

There are 183 Authorized Ministers in the Southeast Conference. The great majority (90.1%) of these ministers are Ordained. Of all Authorized Ministers in the Conference, 26.8% have the status of Retired / Pastor Emeritus; and 73.2% are listed as Active. In terms of gender, 46.1% of Authorized Ministers in the Conference identify as male; 52.7% identify as female; 0.6% identify as transgender/gender-variant; and 0.6% are unknown.

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