Blessed… and a Bit Surreal

by Rev. Marie A. Bacchiocchi
Interim Conference Minister, Southeast Conference UCC

Blessed, and a bit surreal. That’s been my answer as I’ve been asked what it felt like being introduced as a new Conference minister.

If you don’t know what happens, all new Conference ministers get introduced at General Synod. My heart was full as I looked out over the General Synod. I saw my home Conference, the Rhode Island Conference. I saw the conferences I have been a part of, and I saw my new Conference, the Southeast Conference. My heart overflowed with thanksgiving and love.

I also felt melancholy because many dear mentors of mine are now members of the Church Triumphant, especially my former Conference minister, John Deckenback. However, while looking back I was also looking forward. I was dreaming about all we, as the Southeast Conference, could do and become.

It was a surreal moment because I see old friends, connect with Divinity School classmates, and see their reaction when I say that I currently serve the Church as a Conference minister.

Blessed and Surreal. I think that’s a great reaction to the invitation to journey to the next place where God dreams us to be. Please join me.