Awesome Attendance by the Southeast Conference at General Synod

The Southeast Conference of the UCC has a strong presence in Baltimore for the 31st General Synod of the United Church of Christ, with over 35 people in attendance over the course of the five-day event.

The following people are representing the Conference as voting delegates:

  • Heather Bardole
  • Lacey Brown
  • Larry Gipson
  • Julius Jessup-Peterson
  • Matthew Lewellyn-Otten
  • Thomas Mitchell
  • Carrole Moss
  • Charmaine Penn Johnson

Our Interim Conference Minister and Moderator were also seated with the delegates:

  • Marie Bacchiocchi
  • J.R. Finney

In addition, the following clergy and laity from around the Southeast joined the delegates in Baltimore:

  • Henrietta Andrews
  • Cindy Barto
  • LaCretia Bellamy
  • Kim Buchanan
  • Jess Chancey
  • Ashely Cleere
  • Debbie Douglas
  • Rodney Franklin
  • James Bowman Harris
  • Don Harris
  • John Jessup-Peterson
  • Katie Kilpatrick
  • Justin Litaker
  • Marvin Morgan
  • Mae Morgan
  • Joyce Myers-Brown
  • Michael Piazza
  • Claudia Aguilar Rubalcava
  • Ruth Shaver
  • Patricia Shropshire
  • Ellen Sims
  • Kim Sorrells
  • Sharon Temple
  • Gwen Thomas
  • Jodi Yarini
  • Kimberly Yarini

Thanks to Joyce Myers-Brown for snapping a few pics at Synod: