A Message from PATHWAYS Dean

by Rev. Sarah Kim

Dear participants, colleagues, and friends of the PATHWAYS community, as many of you already have been informed, my last day with PATHWAYS is June 30, 2017. While I am scheduled to be traveling in Korea from 6/19 for vacation and research for a book that I’m working on, I do plan to check my email box whenever possible during this time through the 30th.

After 6/30/2017, please send your PATHWAYS Program related inquiries to [email protected] to contact the new PATHWAYS Administrator, Rev. Valerie Coe Lowder. The PATHWAYS Theological Education ministry will continue as scheduled on the 2017 Academic Calendar. Rev. Valerie and the PATHWAYS Advisory Committee — chaired by Rev. Ginnie Ferrell — have been working hard for the past several months to make this transition as smoothly as it can be.

Thank you, everyone, for the years of work and dedication you have contributed to the ministry of PATHWAYS. It is very exciting to hear that many of our graduates are scheduled to become ordained this year alone-a proof that we are doing an important work in the life of the wider church and the denomination.

As I reflect on my walk with PATHWAYS, I can’t THANK YOU ALL enough for making this ministry possible–the commitment of the learners with clear vocational goals and vision, and the selfless dedication of the facilitators who have served beyond the call of duty, have been the key factors for the success of the program.

I also thank God and God’s guiding Spirit for moving us forward, and allowing miracles to happen whenever we most needed them.

Blessings for your continued journey,