Our Church’s Wider Mission 2016 Giving Report

During the 2017 Annual Meeting the Conference announced the following OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission) Basic Support giving recognition for 2016, with 75% (or 40) of our churches giving to OCWM last year.

Special recognition goes to:

  • Central Congregational UCC: Largest OCWM giver $38,500
  • Beloved UCC Birmingham: Largest OCWM giving per member  $97.35
  • Emmanuel UCC Greenville: First Time OCWM giver

Increased annual giving to OCWM last 5 years

  • Circular UCC Charleston
  • Kirkwood UCC Atlanta

Largest percent increases for OCWM from 2015 to 2016

  • Phoenix Christian Church Wildersville, Tenn
  • Midway Congregational UCC, Georgia
  • Rush Memorial UCC, Atlanta
  • Circular UCC, Charleston
  • Pilgrimage UCC, Marietta GA
  • Pleasant Hill CUCC, Tenn

We are grateful and appreciative of the 17 churches who donated to the 4 special offerings and OCWM Basic Support in 2016. These churches are recognized as 5 for 5 churches and they are (alphabetically):

  • First UCC Birmingham
  • First United UCC Belvidere TN
  • Central Congregational UCC
  • Covenant Community UCC Birmingham
  • Evergreen Congregational UCC Beachton GA
  • Jones Chapel Congregational Christian UCC Woodbury GA
  • Kirkwood UCC Atlanta
  • Knoxville Church of the Savior UCC
  • Midway Congregational UCC GA
  • Montgomery First UCC AL
  • Peace Congregational UCC Clemson
  • Phoenix Christian UCC Wildersville TN
  • Pilgrim UCC Birmingham
  • Pleasant Hill Community UCC TN
  • Rush Memorial Congregational UCC Atlanta
  • Talladega First Congregational UCC, AL
  • The United Church Huntsville AL

How is your church doing for OCWM Basic Support in 2017?  Many churches are surprised their church name is not on our recognition list when Annual Meeting rolls around. Be proactive! Check with your church treasurer occasionally to ensure Quarterly giving is being sent for OCWM.  Thank you.

Any questions please contact Debbie Spearman at [email protected].