Marie’s Musings: April 1, 2017

April is upon us! As spring bursts forth, as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus from the grave, let us remember all that is happening in the world and in our conference. The Southeast Conference is bustling with plans and activities. There are installations, ecclesiastical councils, and meetings. There are congregations in various points of the search process, there are retreats and festivals. Spring truly does mean new life!

I invite you to share with us what is going on in your congregation. What are your plans that the rest of us want to know about? What activities are happening that we would love to attend with you? Share your news and events with us! That way we can support each other with our prayers and our presence.

We are so much stronger together than we can ever be alone. This fact makes it crucial we know what is going on in the life of each and every congregation so that we can support and encourage one another. And, when I know of events that are happening, I can add them into my schedule and come and be with you in your faithful witness of Jesus Christ in all of its forms.

I want to add to events to your calendars: the Southeast Conference Annual Meeting at Piedmont College, June 8-10 and the General Synod of the United Church of Christ in Baltimore, MD, June 30-July4. Both are wonderful opportunities to learn about our denomination and to find and give support and encouragement. Consider joining us for one or both of these events. More information about both Annual Meeting and General Synod will be coming.

Meanwhile, let us share in Easter’s promise of new life! Let us celebrate the mission and ministry of the Southeast Conference in all of its locations.