Marie’s Musings: March 18, 2017

by Marie Bacchiocchi, Interim Conference Minister

I sit in my office with my cat, KeyKey sleeping on the ottoman next to me, feeling blessed to be settling in to my new home and my new ministry setting in the Southeast Conference. It has been a joy to meet some of you already and I look forward to meeting more of you over these next weeks and months. My schedule is still fairly empty: please invite me to join your congregation at a worship service or other event. I want to see your settings of faithful witness to the gospel.

I am feeling like my Lenten discipline this year is learning new technology. This is my greatest learning curve. I ask that you bear with me as I get used to how all this works. I am available, however, it may take me a while to figure out how to access things and respond back to you!

Just to let you all know, my days off will be Fridays and Saturdays. However, I realize that there are many meetings on Saturdays. This is my flex day. This means I try not to schedule things on Saturdays, but work when I have to and make up time. I try to keep Fridays completely free, however, I am always available in an emergency.

My contact information is: [email protected] and 404-615-2492. A backup email address is: [email protected].

I am excited about the paths God is leading us. There is much to do and learn. Let the journey begin!