UCC Southern Region Women’s Retreat: “Joyful Expectation, Peaceful Inspiration!”

A group of 10 women gathered Jan 13-15 at Mo Ranch in Hunt, TX to brainstorm and plan the biennial UCC Southern Region Women’s Retreat to be held October 20-22, 2017, at Mo Ranch. The theme will be “Joyful Expectation, Peaceful Inspiration!” based upon scripture from Isaiah 55:12 and will be hosted by women from the UCC South Central Conference. The retreat strives to provide refreshment to the soul and relaxation to the weary as well as offering inspiration groups, participatory and/or reflective opportunities and unique worship gatherings.

Traditionally, the women of the four UCC Southern Region Conferences take turns hosting the event that often attracts well over 100 women from up to 11 southern states (VA, NC, TN, MS, GA, AL, SC, GA, FL, LA, TX). The retreat is for UCC laywomen and women of the clergy; all are welcome to attend and invited to participate. Women who attended one or more of these recent retreats are encouraged to return and bring along a ‘first timer’: 2015 hosted by women of UCC Southeast Conference and held at Sumatanga AL; 2013 hosted by women of UCC Florida Conference and held at Live Oak FL; 2011 hosted by women of UCC Southern Conference and held at Blowing Rock NC.

The planning team as of January 2017 include: UCC Women from South Central Conference Area: Charlotte Albert, (Registrar), Thrall, TX, St. Peter’s UCC, Coupland; Karen Cotton, (Inspiration Groups), Austin, TX, United Christian UCC; Carolyn Haverland, (Hospitality), Coupland, TX, St. Peter’s UCC; Pam Mayo, SCC Office Administrator, Cypress TX, Immanuel UCC, Spring; Jasmine Quinerly, Coordinator, Houston TX; Pilgrim Congregational UCC; Ann Stockert, (Treasurer), Dallas, TX, Central Congregational UCC; Yvette Scales, (Extravagant Welcome), Houston, TX, Pilgrim Congregational UCC; Marie Weatherspoon, (Displays), New Orleans LA; Central St. Matthew UCC; UCC Women from three Other Conferences: Representative from UCC Women in the Florida Conference:  Bert Perry, (Silent Auction ), Deland FL; New Hope UCC; Representative from UCC Women in the Southeast Conference: Mary Ruth, (Promotion), Pleasant Hill TN; Pleasant Hill Community UCC; Representative from UCC Women in the Southern Conference:  Betty Griffin, (Morning Watch), Burlington NC; Elon Community UCC, Elon.

Additional information will be forthcoming along with online registration, highlights, program, and schedule. If you know of UCC church women not currently electronically minded, please put the information into printed church newsletters or other hard copy formats.