Celebrating a Successful Grant Project: Emmanuel UCC

One of our newer churches in Greenville, South Carolina, Emmanuel UCC, applied and were awarded a $5,000 grant. Their project objective was to expand awareness of their new church and it’s Mission in upstate South Carolina.

Project: Public Radio Ads

The Ad: Emmanuel United Church of Christ in Greenville, committed to being an Open and Affirming Community Serving the “Still-Speaking God” by embodying God’s love for all and pursuing justice.  Celebrating Advent. More at Emmanuel dash U-C-C dot com.

Goals: Were to gain visitors and allies as well as further establish themselves as a progressive voice in the community.

Results: Two one week radio campaigns were heard on NPR. One campaign aired during Back to School and one aired at the beginning of Advent. They did experience more visitor activity during the Advent time frame as evidenced by increased website and Facebook activity. They also had visitors state they had heard the NPR ad during targeted drive times at in December.

Advice to other Congregations: Assisted drive time specific ads were much more effective. These ads cost more but the return on investment was definitely worth it.