Is Your Congregation Environmentally Conscious?

Are you switching to geothermal? Are you changing lighting systems to LED? Are you using solar power? UCC is growing a network of environmentally active churches and individuals by constructing a database of info. This will assist in uniting efforts, identifying achievements, applying for grants, and encouraging environmental responsibility. Take a moment and send the answers (below) to email [email protected]

  1. first/last name with preferred email
  2. your church name/city/state
  3. does your church have a) green team, b) energy efficient upgrades/practices, c) coordinated environmental advocacy, d) community garden, e) solar panels, f) financial portfolio divested from fossil fuels, g) environmental recognition/certificate (i.e. Earth Ministry’s Greening Congregation, Green Justice Congregation, Whole Earth Church)
  4. any other environmental initiatives

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