Caring Community: October 1, 2016

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We are continuing the process of praying for authorized ministers, congregations, and ministry groups throughout 2016. Each month, we will publish a weekly list for the month and post them weekly on our Facebook page. We encourage you to include these prayer requests in your local church newsletter, share them with your prayer circle, and include them in your own prayers.

  • Prayers of thanksgiving for Church of the Savior Alpharetta, Beloved Community Church Birmingham, and United Church Belvidere as they each gather in worship and congregational meeting to vote on a new pastor.
  • Prayers for Julius ‘Chaka’ Jessup Peterson as he is ordained on October 2, 2016 through a four-way covenant with Decatur UCC and Care and Counseling Center of Georgia.  The service will be held at 3:00 in Wesley Chapel at Candler School of Theology.
  • We note with great regret that First United Church in Nashville, Tennessee has voted to withdraw from the United Church of Christ.  We wish the congregation and their pastor blessings on their continued ministry to the community.

Churches in Transition:
Oak Grove Congregational Christian, Pine Mountain Georgia; Church of the Savior, Alpharetta Georgia; Pensacola UCC, Pensacola Florida; Pilgrim Congregational UCC, Chattanooga Tennessee; Brookmeade Congregational UCC, Nashville Tennessee; Howard Congregational UCC, Nashville Tennessee; Beloved Community, Birmingham Alabama; First United Church, Belvidere Tennessee.