Upper Room UCC Fellowship Meets in Nashville on Oct 22

upper-room-fellowship-logoAn association of United Church of Christ laypersons and UCC friends promoting prayer and daily meditation on God’s Word and the greater unity, fellowship and spiritual vitality of the Nashville-area United Church of Christ & UCC friends The Upper Room UCC Fellowship derives its name from our common use of the UPPER ROOM daily devotional for daily prayer and scripture meditation. Scripture cites the Last Supper as being in an “upper room” and the early church received the Holy Spirit in an upper room at Pentecost! So too the prophet Daniel found strength to oppose King Darius in an “upper room” where he got down on his knees three times a day to pray. To advance in spiritual growth and care for others, so we also go daily to the upper rooms of mind & soul in prayer and meditation on God’s Word!

To encourage daily prayer & meditation on God’s Word, the Upper Room UCC Fellowship distributes the UPPER ROOM daily devotional & also promotes use of the UCC StillSpeaking devotional, as well as having periodic potluck suppers with educational & inspirational programs to rededicate ourselves to living more prayerful lives in daily communion with God, rotating our potluck supper fellowship meetings among our four Nashville-area UCC churches to have a closer communion with God & one another and to advance the greater unity, fellowship & spiritual renewal of the Nashville-area United Church of Christ & UCC friends!

  • Brookmeade Congregational Church
  • Holy Trinity Community Church
  • First United Church, (E&R)
  • Howard Congregational Church

Fall Potluck Supper

At potluck suppers with inspirational & motivational programs we rededicate ourselves anew to a life of prayer & care and daily meditation on God’s Word via the UPPER ROOM & StillSpeaking daily devotionals with guest speakers on enhanced prayer life & relationship with God, and a greater life of faith & love in closer communion with God & one another! We believe the keys to personal & church growth are daily meditation on God’s Word, personal & intercessory prayer, and interpersonal love and fellowship!

  • Date: Saturday, October 22nd @ 6:00 PM Howard Congregational Church 2802 Buchanan Street
  • Special Guest Speaker: Rev. June Boutwell Designated Conference Minister, Southeast UCC Conference
  • Evening’s Theme: “But for Me it is Good to Be Near God” (Psalm 73:28a)

Bring family, friends and favorite casserole for great UCC fellowship and inspiration! Childcare Provided.