Observe Just Peace Sunday on Sept 18

June 13, 2016 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S: During a vigil at City Hall, in Philadelphia, PA friends and former classmates grief the loss of West Catholic High School graduate Akyra Murray. The Philadelphia teenager was one of 49 killed in during the Pulse Nightclub massacre.

The Thirtieth General Synod called on the congregations of the United Church of Christ to mark the Sunday preceding September 21 (which the United Nation recognizes as the “International Day of Prayer for Peace”) as Just Peace Sunday.

Observe Just Peace Sunday on September 18, 2016

Just Peacemaking expresses our commitment to engage practices to resolve conflict at every level – in ourselves, in our families, in our communities, and in our world – without violence whenever possible; when it is not possible, to then restrain, contain and reduce violence; and finally to work actively to bring it to a swift, sustainable, and just conclusion.

A Just Peace is grounded in God’s activity in creation; in the reconciling activity of Jesus Christ; in the presence of the Holy Spirit; in the community of reconciliation; and in hope. Shalom is the vision that pulls all creation toward a time when weapons are swept off the earth and all creatures lie down together without fear; where all have their own fig tree and dwell secure from want. As Christians, we offer this conviction to the world: Peace is possible.

Observe Just Peace Sunday! Here are some resources to use in your congregation: ucc.org/just_peace_sunday_resources