Annual Meeting Thank Yous

It is an impossible task to thank everyone who helped make Annual Meeting a wonderful event. Too many people just stepped in to make things happen when they noticed. So we apologize to those who were helping hands and willing hearts and not listed here.

Planning Committee: Heather Bardole, Kim Buchanan, Ashley Cleere, Thomas Coates, JR Finney, Connye Florance, Dorothy Gager, Amber Kirkendoll, Kevin Madill, Michael Stroud.

Registrar: Rebecca Seldomridge assisted by Heath Battles and Kim Yarini

Worship: Thomas Coates for the design of the table covering. Musicians Kim Buchanan, James Mellichamp, Allen Mullinax, Jodi Yarini. MIDS for opening worship and Board Members for closing worship. All those who served as ushers.

Offerings and Receipts: special thanks to JR Finney and Heath Battles for being counters for the cash box.

Workshops and Exhibits: Debbie Spearman for coordinating and setup. To all workshop leaders: Tonya Barnette, Linda Brown, John Gill, Christopher Goss, Michelle Holtmann, Dennie Kelley, Shannon Michael Pater, Kim Sorrells, John & Nancy Stewart, Michael Stroud.

PATHWAYS Used Book Sale: Thanks to all who donated books and shopped. The net proceeds were over $400 to support PATHWAYS. Special thanks to Sarah Kim and the Pathways Advisory Committee for their organizational skills. Thanks also to our authors who did book signings—Joyce Hollyday, Lou Kavar, and Glenna Shepherd.

Gift Bags: Thanks to Bryce Current, Amber Kirkendoll, Susan Mitchell, and Rebecca Seldomridge for organizing the tickets and gift bag distribution. And a huge thanks to all who contributed a gift bag. This was a fun way to lift up our ministries and share with one another. Don’t forget to write a thank you card to the donor if you received a gift bag.

Piedmont College: Special thanks to Ashley Cleere, Megan Ramsey, Petraq Barto, the food service staff, residential life staff, bus and van drivers, security personnel, and all those who made sure we were welcomed and cared for while at Piedmont College.

And thanks to everyone who came to join the celebration. More names and numbers to follow in the next newsletter as we finalize reports and paperwork.

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