Upcoming free Webinars about reVision from CPR

The Center for Progressive Renewal has rolled out a great new opportunity for congregational Vitality. It is called reVision this is a year long journey that begins with a period of focused worship, intentional small groups and spiritual practices designed to get congregations into their hearts for real discernment. This is followed by a Convergence Summit to bring everyone together to determine what God is saying to this church about what it can do in this community today. Proposal teams then take these dreams and ideas and prototype initiatives for the congregation to give feedback before implementation.

You can have an opportunity to learn more and ask questions at two upcoming free webinars, both will feature the same content so choose the one that works best for you.

Learn more about the program online: https://progressiverenewal.org/revision/

Rev. Gregg Carlson
Director of Contracted Services
Center for Progressive Renewal
747 Virginia Ave NE
Atlanta GA 30306