Appreciating Gerri Hudson


It was with deep regret that we said good-bye to Gerri Ryons-Hudson on February 25, 2016 as the position of Executive Administrator was eliminated due to budget considerations.

Gerri served the Southeast Conference faithfully for over 18 years and saw the Conference go through many changes. She served three Conference Ministers, moved offices at least four times, was the hub of Annual Meeting, kept track of all the church and minister files, worked with the subcommittees of the Commission on Ministry to make sure information was distributed and records updated, and was the voice of the Conference to many of our churches and leaders.

She has appreciated all the expressions of concern, well wishes and prayers you have offered. We hope that she will be able to be present at Conference Annual Meeting June 10-11 so that her ministry among us can be recognized and honored. She may be contacted at [email protected].