Peace Church in Clemson Provides Food to Needy

peace-church-bagged-foodFor the past two years during Advent, Peace Congregational Church in Clemson, SC has joined in collaboration with their “landlord” the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson (UUFC) to make ornaments for four Advent trees in their shared sanctuary and to co-host a lovely Christmas Eve candlelight service. Both congregations take in regular donations of non-perishable food for the local food pantry/community support organization Clemson Community Care (CCC).  Monies from the Christmas Eve service were designated to purchase more foodstuffs. 

The highlight for 2015 came when attendees from both congregations gave a generous $326 for canned goods to be  purchased for Clemson Community Care. This generosity came in part as a challenge to help their UU Fellowship achieve our TWO TON goal of canned good collections during 2015. Joanne Batten graciously volunteered to shop for canned goods. Cynthia Warner had connections with other CCC volunteers who directed them to the best place to shop.

After many hours and lugging lots of canned goods and diapers, Clemson Community Care received 490.25 pounds of food from the two congregations! Peace Congregational is proud to have helped UUFC achieve their two ton goal and contributed over two hundred pounds of canned goods from Peace.