Communications Update: Changing to Serve You Better

96154dfa-84c3-4fa1-8238-09346eaa91c2In an attempt to be more effective in communicating to the Conference, we will be changing some of the ways we have been using to get the news out.

Beginning in January 2016 this newsletter will be published on the 1st and 15th of the month. We are asking you to submit any articles of interest and news of events coming up in your church or community as they are available so that we can post them on the Conference website or on our Facebook page. The newsletter will then become a summary of ongoing and upcoming events and news about your ministries.

We will continue to publish the Caring Community and ask that you look at this and publish the names of those who minister among us and the houses of worship that serve their communities, as well as the concerns and joys of the wider conference, as a way of lifting all our ministries in prayer on a weekly basis. Let us know of your prayers for pastors, lay leaders, births, deaths, anniversaries, illness, or concern.

All communications should be directed to [email protected]. That way we can streamline the process of knowing what you have to share and get the word out. We often hear that no one in the rest of the Conference is interested in what we are doing in our community. But that sharing and lifting up what the Spirit is doing is a way of encouraging others to go and do likewise and to stir the creative juices.

Let us know how we are doing. We welcome your feedback and would appreciate you sending us your local newsletters either digitally or hard copy, like our Facebook page, subscribe to the newsletter, and let us know if you have a Facebook page and/or website that we can visit.