Jottings from June: November 2015

Rev. June BoutwellAs we enter the month of November, many things loom on the horizon. We change our clocks and have to deal with the time dislocation and disruption in our sleep and appetite patterns. We begin to think about planning for Advent and pageants and Christmas Eve service. And in the midst of that is squeezing in Thanksgiving and shopping and cooking and family dynamics.

Life in the Conference office reflects some of this busyness. One important thing we are dealing with is that the Arthritis Foundation, where we have been leasing for a number of years, has sold the building and we will be moving in December. We have not yet completed a lease agreement but will get that word out as soon as we have completed documents in hand. We will be closer to downtown and still accessible by MARTA.

We are working on the capital campaign grant applications and reminding people that we need their OCWM contributions so we can finish the year in a stable place. We are sorting through files and making decisions about boxes and dumpsters. We are working on the 2016 budget which has been more complicated this year with the move and some other ministry considerations.

October is also a month when many national meetings happen so I have been traveling practically non-stop for the last five weeks. I have been with the Council of Conference Ministers, at a meeting of the Regional Theological Education Consortium, the Alabama Tennessee Association meeting, the Southern/Southeast joint Retired Servants Retreat, and the Southern Region Women’s Retreat. All were important and enjoyable but I am looking forward to being more office based for the rest of the year and tending to the needs of pastors and churches as we all prepare for the new year.

May you enter this season of thanksgiving and this time of preparation with a glad heart and attention to the movement of the Spirit among us, between us, and within us.