May Jottings from June

Rev. June Boutwell


I am very excited about our Annual Meeting this year. The pomp and ceremony of my installation last year is now a memory. I have had many opportunities to meet many of you as I have made my way around the Conference. We have been working hard to live into a new reality as the Board of Directors and the Standing Committees of the Conference look at the work that has informed where we are now and begin to form a vision of the future.

Last year I talked about road maps and this year we are working on the blueprints of the Southeast Conference. What are we building in this place and in this time? You are the architects and general contractors of this ministry. We need people with ideas and people who can put the tools in their possession to use in building up the body. Look at the article from the Nominating Committee-can you serve in any of these positions? Look at the article from the Personnel Committee-can you respond to the evaluation of ministry so we canhear what you have to say?

I do hope that I will see you at Conference Annual Meetingon June 12-13. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a full house at the meeting with every pastor and every church represented? And perhaps some of you will attend General Synod where we can get a glimpse ofthe wider ministries and community that surround us and support us in what we do in our corner of the United Church of Christ.

The welcome mat is out, the door is open, the table is set. Won’t you come and sit a while?