A Sabbatical Journey: Exploration in the East-West Dialogue

kyongbokpalacePATHWAYS Dean, Rev. Dr. Sarah Kim, will be taking a sabbatical leave from April 15th through July 15th and will be traveling abroad in the Far East—South Korea & Japan. She hopes to spend this time for physical and spiritual renewal as well as to engage in a research project on the topic of Northeast Asian spirituality that is based on natural sciences viewed through the lens of ancient wisdom. As a theologian trained in the Western tradition of religion and philosophy, she anticipates that this will offer an enriching learning experience—given her continued interest in the East-West Dialogue. “It will be helpful to connect with progressive theologians in South Korea and Japan who are actively serving in their contexts—despite the apparent challenges of parochialism within their larger faith community—to let believers know that God is Still Speaking, especially if we want to plan on having GTE (Global Theological Education) excursions in this part of the world,” says Dr. Kim. We offer travel blessings and prayers for the her.