Want to Transform the World? Maybe PATHWAYS is for You!

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“Are you being called to transform the church and the world? Then PATHWAYS may be for you! Become equipped for the journey.”

The slogan for the PATHWAYS Theological Education is based on the belief that a personal transformation has the potential to impact the world. When we change, the world that surrounds us also changes. As Marianne Williamson puts it, “the revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.” This is the mission of PATHWAYS-to equip learners for work in the church by giving them an opportunity to reinvent themselves through a deep, personal transformation.

A personal transformation that comes with the ability to lead and grow a faith community involves more than acquiring skills and knowledge for ministry. It involves the courage to be, the prudence to act, and the humility to seek, and awareness for things sacred. While participants who are on the PATHWAYS journey have their own stories of personal transformation, a common theme in these stories is a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to explore what God has in store for the church through them as instruments of love, hope, and peace.

Here are some of their testimonies:

Through PATHWAYS I have had questions answered and more questions raised. It has helped me clarify my beliefs and evaluate my own practices and actions. I believe I am living more “awake” than I was in the past. – Participant from Knoxville, Tennessee

PATHWAYS is the only program I could find that worked with my family instead of against them.  The instructors are amazing! I have also been blessed with ten new wonderful friends! I am so thankful that the United Church of Christ has had the courage to try something new like PATHWAYS. It is an answer to several prayers. – Participant from Minden, Iowa

To attend seminary would be amazing, but it is not an option at this point in my life. PATHWAYS is the only viable option for my ministerial education. I am unfathomably grateful for the PATHWAYS program and the chance to fulfill my purpose in ministry and in life. –Participant from Flowood, Mississipi

PATHWAYS is inventing a new alternative path for theological education. Online education seems to be a wave of the future and being older, this has been a bit of an adjustment, but is working out well. – Participant from Nashville, Tennessee

I don’t believe “traditional” seminary is in the cards for me. When I read about the PATHWAYS opportunity, it was a no-brainer for me. It was the only way I see myself getting to the point of being prepared for the possibility of ordination. This is the perfect PATHWAY for a “non-traditionalist” like me! –Participant from Davenport, Iowa

PATHWAYS strives to continue its legacy as the regional theological education program open to serving the wider church in the United Church of Christ. We are now accepting applications for a new Level 1 (foundational level) Cohort for Fall admissions. If you have been feeling the call by God for sometime, we welcome you to give PATHWAYS a try. We will work with you for your new journey.

Visit www.tasc21.net for more information on the PATHWAYS program and to access the online application. Contact [email protected] for your inquiries.

Sarah Kim, Dean of PATHWAYS