Generosity Corner for June 2014



Reminder:  Strengthen the Church Special Offering is coming up


This is the second of four special offerings of the United Church of Christ.  The suggested offering date is Pentecost Sunday, June 8, 2014   Gifts to this offering will plant new churches, awaken new ideas in existing churches, and develop spiritual life in our youth and young adults. Because of this offering, many more will hear the good news that “God is still speaking,”  Do you need bulletin material?  Mission Moment material?  Posters?  It is all available to you.  Go to this link:

OCWM Our Church’s Wider Mission UPDATE

OCWM basic support payments to the conference in the First Quarter of 2014 are well behind prior years.  Through 5/31/14 just $46,718 has been given from about ½ the churches.  Please, if your church budgets will allow, your Conference’s work for programs and ministry needs everyone’s OCWM support.


The most efficient way to do that is to send in your OCWM payment on a quarterly basis, if at all possible.  The 2nd quarter will be ending soon.  Click here to download an OCWM payment envelope.  Thank you for your continuing support of the Conference.

Capital Campaign UPDATE

There are 25 SEC pledging churches and the Campaign pledged total is $658,700. A review committee has been formed to review grant applications. If you or your church has a project that needs funding, email [email protected] or call Debbie who will be glad to explain the application and granting process. The available grant money is to be used to expand Mission and Ministry in the SEC. Refer to the Capital Campaign brochure for more information.