PATHWAYS to Launch Level 3 Program in March 2014

DorindaOn January 25, 2014, a long-time MID who has served Community Congregational United Church of Christ (Montgomery, AL) as licensed minister since 2002, celebrated her ordainable-pending-a-call status, enthusiastically granted by the Ecclesiastical Council of the Southeast Conference, UCC. The event was a notable milestone, for Dorinda Broandnax is the first authorized minister in the Conference to be equipped for ordained ministry through a non-traditional educational path. As a graduate of the TAP (Theology Among the People) program—the predecessor of PATHWAYS—Minister Broandnax completed the MID process through continued service in the local church and creative learning efforts in theological education. In evaluating her entire MID experience, she states:

I will not lead you to believe the journey was smooth sailing, there were times on this journey whereby the path seemed inhabited with bushes and weeds of uncertainties, not knowing “which way was up.”   However, through perseverance and the faith in knowing there is a place in authorized ministry for those of us, for whatever reason, do not hold a Master’s of Divinity, but are truly called and anointed to “serve this present age, our calling to fulfill.”  While I believe it is commendable to achieve the highest level of education in your path, it is not always advantageous to place a “period where God has clearly called for a comma.”

Dorinda’s story is inspirational to those of us who are on the same path. As we anticipate the warmth of spring and all the vibrant colors that come with it, PATHWAYS is proud to announce that the Level 3 Program—the path towards ordination—is to begin on March 12, 2014, with the first course, Supervised Ministry Practicum II facilitated by Rev. Dr. Lou Kavar. Five dedicated participants—three from the Iowa Conference and two from the Southeast Conference—will begin their journey in this advanced level. For more information on the Level 3 Program, please visit PATHWAYS homepage at