Prayer for Global Ministries trip to the Congo

EMCRev. Elizabeth Mitchell Clement from First Congregational Church Atlanta is traveling to the Congo this month with a film crew and partners from Global Ministries. She has requested prayer for their journey, which is bringing leaders from partner churches in Haiti together with leaders in the Congo as part of the “South to South” initiative.

Rev. Clement writes,

As you may know, the recent history of both the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC/Kinshasa) and the Republic of Congo (RC/Brazzaville) has been very difficult, violent and sad. And yet, our Christian missions that were established there more than 100 years ago continue their redeeming, reconciling work through every struggle. North Americans have much to learn from their steadfast faith, and we will seek ways to partner with them going forward.

The trip plans not only to bring together two partners from these two distinct geographical regions that share much of the same cultural history and struggle but also seeks to create a space for sharing the life and witness of our global partners with other churches and other constituents in the United States. Through media, church visits and story telling, the delegation plans to spread this message of faith and cross cultural connection.

gm250The Southeast Conference in particular has connections with the Democratic Republic of the Congo reaching back to 1973 when Millard Fuller, an SEC UCC member from Alabama, moved to what was then Zaire to serve as a missionary with our sister denomination, the Disciples of Christ. There Millard and his family pioneered the affordable, decent housing program that would eventually become Habitat for Humanity and that lives on as the Fuller Center for Housing, headquartered in Americus, GA. In 2011 members of the Southeast Conference joined with the Fuller Center to revisit where the Fullers lived and worked, to meet with the Disciples of Christ Community of Congo, and to retell the story of our Conference’s connections to the ongoing housing ministries in the Congo.

Please join us in praying for Rev. Clement and the rest of the Global Ministries delegation in their travels October 1st through October 16th.