What are you using for your Fall Christian Education Curricula?

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The new school year is upon us and United Church Resources would like to remind congregations that now is the time to order new materials. We’d like to know what materials you use for your Christian Education program. What materials do you find most faith-filled, helpful, and user friendly? What are you planning on using this Fall?


United Church Resources have recommended two resources this year. You can click on the picture of the curriculum for ordering information.

Do you have experience with these curricula? What do you think? Tell us in the comments!


Gather Round


Quarterly, Bible-based curriculum for children and youth. Strengthens church-home connection. Versatile and easy to use.  

Here’s what Brian McLaren thinks:  “We’ve prayed for a curricula like Gather ’Round. It’s a creative leader in this needed approach. It lays a foundation in childhood that still serves as students come of age. I’m so glad to have finally discovered them.”  


The Present Word


The best-selling adult Bible study resource at United Church Resources! Students are encouraged to connect faith and life through Scripture, discussion and worship.

Endorsed by The Christian Century: “The value of church Bible studies based in concrete information shouldn’t be overlooked. The Present Word offers the fruits of biblical scholarship in the context of faith-based studies.”


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