Welcome Randy Hyvonen – our new Interim Conference Minister!

Randy Hyvonen2

Randy is a native of Montana and has spent most of his life in the Midwest and Northwest, except for time at Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville. He and his wife, Karen, will settle into temporary quarters in Atlanta after celebrating the 95th birthday of Karen’s father in Seattle. Randy will start work in the Conference on July 24. (Actually, he’s already meeting with staff and handling some urgent business by telephone.) He already has plans to visit our new church start in Pensacola his first weekend “on the job.”

Please join with the Board and me in welcoming Randy to the diversity, charm, and energy of the Southeast Conference.

— Jim Crabb, Moderator of the Southeast Conference

Rev. Hyvonen has the following message to all of us in the Southeast Conference:

I’m very pleased to be called to serve as your interim Conference Minister until you call a DesignatedConference Minister.  Having attended Vanderbilt Divinity School from 1969-1973, I feel that in coming to serve among you I am also reconnecting with parts of my own faith journey (and family history – the first of our 3 children was born in Nashville).  And I feel additional ties with you: your previous Conference Minister, the late Roger Knight, succeeded me as the pastor of the inner city church I served for 10 years in Cleveland, then retired to Uplands, where Karen and I have additional friends we’ve come to know over my years of ministry in the wider UCC.
I hope that my experience of diverse ministries over large geographies will be beneficial for you as we “bridge the gap” together. And I trust that as we work together, God will call us not only to uphold all that has been good about your history but also to grow in new ways!
— Randy