Bridging the Gap

In order to fill the gap between the retirement of Tim Downs and a new Designated Conference Minister, the Board of Directors is conducting a search for an interim. The Executive Committee is conducting the search on behalf of the Board. The position was posted on the UCC website in late April. The Board has approved a position description  highlighting the unique issues that the interim is expected to deal with during her/his tenure. There are three members of the Executive Committee whose terms expire as of the recent Annual Meeting, but the Board voted to continue the 2012-2013 Executive Committee as the Interim CM Search Committee. Members of the committee are:

Jim Crabb, Moderator
Jen Austin, Vice Moderator
Jennifer Spears, Secretary (now retired)
Jimmy Loyless, Treasurer
Susan Dunn, Personnel Committee
Blair Bonds, Stewardship & Finance Committee (now retired)
Ginny Nixon, Nominating Committee (now retired)

The Committee has begun interviews, with the expectation of presenting a nominee to the Board very soon. The interim will be appointed by the Board of Directors and announced to the Conference shortly. Meanwhile the formal search for our Designated Conference Minister continues, with a goal of nominating a candidate to a called meeting of the Conference early in 2014.